International Push Hands Forum: Studios, Meetings Hannover Berlin 2022, 2023

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Tai Chi (Taijiquan) and Qigong in England / Great Britain / United Kingdom / Scotland / Wales / Northern Ireland / Eire

Our international forum for Yang Chengfu Tai Chi and Qigong presents Chinese health exercises Yang Chengfu Tai Chi



We are a group that practices Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan) and Qigong in Germany. Among us are people from more than 40 countries. Maybe this website will become an online forum for Chinese exercises for health, meditation and martial arts. We are looking for contacts, exchange and meetings. Everyone is welcome to link to this website, whether as an organization / association, school / center, teacher / student, or even companies advertising for their products. See below.






1. Tai Chi (Taijiquan) and Qigong

Tai Chi and Qigong have many similarities. Both train relaxation both physically and mentally. Properly executed, the slow movements increase the vitality. The positive health effects are scientifically proven by many long-term studies. You do not need any equipment - only comfortable clothes.

1. 1. Tai Chi (Taijiquan)

Tai Chi Chuan means "martial arts according to the highest principle". It is fun and it is healthy! This unique holistic health promotion comes from Chinese martial arts and Taoist meditation. Our group practices the "Long Form with 37 Postures" as taught by Tai Chi Master Yang Chengfu (1883-1936 3rd Generation Yang Family). In the video you can see his son Yang Zhenduo in Hamburg (Germany). This form is not "traditional tai chi", since Yang Chengfu had adapted the original, traditional form of the Yang family by simplifying it at that time around 1930. However, it is not a modern form such as the shortened "Peking Form", developed by the Chinese government, with 24 postures (pictures). Another very well-known form is the short form of Cheng Manching (Zheng Manqing). It also includes 37 postures, but all repetitions were omitted.

1.2.  Qigong

Qigong means "training the life force". It is much older than tai chi. Qigong techniques are isolated single exercises, while tai chi is a fixed sequence of movements. This makes Qigong generally easier to learn. Also, there are static exercises in Qigong without movement (standing mediation). We practice "Health Qigong". These include "Baduanjin" and "Yijinjing". In the video you can see Qigong champion Chen Meixiang. Our program also includes many additional exercises (Shaolin Qigong, Quiet Qigong, Hard Qigong).


1.3.  Tuishou / Push Hands: Push-Hands-Forum, Meetings, AK-Hannover Berlin 2021 2022




2. Teaching / courses / classes / self-study / education

The Chinese health exercises can be practiced alone as well as in the group. When practicing, one tries to improve constantly. Therefore you should pay attention to every detail. Many teachers also continue their education on courses.

2.1. Groups and dates

We would be happy to receive up-to-date information on groups that train Tai Chi and Qigong. We are happy to publish dates for seminars and courses throughout England. So if you are looking for contacts, you should visit this website regularly.

2.2. Self-study / free online lessons

Highly recommended is the self-study (free lessons on the video page). At the moment there is the home study only in German language. We also started our teacher training at home, before we graduated in intensive weeks. On the central website "" there are more than 50 lessons for free download. You can also purchase any of the DVDs.

2.3. Teacher training for Tai Chi and Qigong

Yang Chengfu Taijiquan certification DTB GermanyAll of us have completed the same Teacher Training at the Tai Chi Qigong organization "German Association for Taichi and Qigong". You can also become a teacher yourself and teach with the support of the German umbrella organization. The classes are, however, only in German. After completing your instruction you will be presented on this website. First you learn with DVDs at home. A teacher certificate is obtained after 4 intensive weeks (from Monday to Friday with a total of 220 hours). It is schedules every three months a week - but only in Germany. Examinations are voluntary. There is also online lessons with Skype.



Geprüfter Lehrer DTB





3. Videos on Youtube

On YouTube we publish more and more videos. For learning at home, there are lessons on numerous subjects. Also, videos about practicing in our groups: Yang Chengfu Tai Chi and Qigong: Free teaching videos:  Yang Chengfu Tai Chi und Qigong: Kostenlose Lehr-Videos

Yang Chengfu Yang Chengfu TaijiquanYang Chengfu Taijiquan Yang Chengfu Partner







4. Organizations / associations / associations in England

More and more teachers are joining organizations - a good development for quality, standards and transparency. Is there an association for Tai Chi and Qigong in England? Our group would like to work with other associations. We could also organize joint activities with the association in Germany - Such as mutual membership and certification of teachers throughout Europe.


Europe: EU-Certification for Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Centers *

Practical Guide for Instruction and Quality Management: Yang-Chengfu-Tai-Chi The German "QUALITÄTSGEMEINSCHAFT TAI CHI ZENTRUM" offers advice for Yang-stylists all over Europe when dealing with the vague and ambiguous term "Yang Chengfu Taijiquan Center". The ambitious goal of EU-Certification is the implementation of uniform standards. They are useful for transparency and suitable for all schools which refer to themselves as "Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Center" - whether or not they are members of Grandmasters Yang Zhenduo´s / Yang Jun´s "International Yang Style Taijiquan Association" AKA "International Yang Family Taijiquan Association" based in Seattle USA. DTB approved experts for Yang-Chengfu-Taijiquan of our community offer assistance for EU-Certification / Center Ranking all over Europe. This also goes for Grandmaster Yang Juns´s Yang Chengfu Centers, Affiliates, Center Directors and Certified Instructors. All of them are welcome: FAQ Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Center.

EU-Zertifizierung: Sektion Deutschland

Mitglieder aller Vereinigungen, die dem DTB-Zentralverband angeschlossen sind, sind herzlich eingeladen am Projekt "EU-Zertifizierung" mitarbeiten im Bereich Yang-Chengfu-Center. Die Maßnahme betrifft Stilrichtungen und Organisationen des Yang-Taiji-Quan: Yang-Chengfu-Tai-Chi-Chuan Center. Eingearbeitet sind die Vorgaben für Lizenzverlängerung im Bereich Tobin E. Threadgill / Shindo Yoshin Ryu Jujutsu.

Shindo Yoshin Ryu Jujutsu von Kaisho Toby Threadgill

TSYR-Research: Shindo Yoshin Ryu / Toby Threadgill / Nairiki




5. Contact / Exchange / Teacher / Courses / Links for England

Hello, our Tai Chi Group offers you a line exchange with your website. Your link will appear at the bottom of this page. We ask you to include a link to this website Please email in English, German or French at


Here are some of our teachers

Angela, Yang-Chengfu-Taiji Gisela, Yang-Chengfu-Taiji   Ralf, Yang-Chengfu-Taiji Sarva, Yang-Chengfu-Taiji    Eike, Yang-Chengfu-Taiji Isabelle, Yang-Chengfu-Taiji  Volker, Yang-Chengfu-Taiji

Tai-Chi-Verband bietet deutschland-weite Lehrer-Ausbildungen


Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Ireland

About our School in Ireland. Our representative in Ireland is Dr Ivan Kolev. He started practicing Chinese Martial Arts in 1999 at Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Club – WuDang, Bulgaria. His interests have always been directed in the “internal” styles like Tai Chi Chuan, Xing Yi Chuan and Ba Gua Zhang. Ivan studies Yang Family Tai Chi from Grand Master Yang Jun – 6th generation descendant and 5th generation lineage holder from the Yang Family. He is also a disciple of Master Yang Yaheng, a.k.a. Tihomir Todorov – Marketing Director of the IYFTCCA, disciple of Grand Master Yang Jun and official representative of the IYFTCCA for Bulgaria.  In 2011 Ivan has successfully passed the exam for 1st rank, Copper Eagle, in the IYFTCCA and is now teaching Yang Family Tai Chi classes in Ireland. For more information about Dr Ivan Kolev click here CV-Dr Ivan Kolev.


Studygroup UK: Feedback on Yang-Chengfu-Taijiquan in Hamburg - Seminars and Videos

Yang-Style-Seminar with Master Yang Zhenduo fourth Generation Yang Family.

Yang Zhenduo: Yang-Chengfu-Taijiquan Bulgaria

"Who we are and what we do? We are a School for Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan in Ireland, member of the Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Affiliated School, Bulgaria, Stara Zagora, representatives of the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association (IYFTCCA). Our Association has more than 40 schools around the world teaching Tai Chi as passed down from the Yang family. The purpose of the Association is to enable everyone to have the chance to try and learn the art of Tai Chi Chuan as an exercise for reducing Stress and a Healthy Lifestyle and to promote the Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan worldwide."





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